Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fred's Reading Report (May 2009)

May was slower for reading than April was. April, with the effort to do the "Books That Stick With Me" project kind of burned me out (you'll note I still have not posted the entry dealing with those books!). Toss in family problems with my parents and my in-laws, well, it has been busy.

I did get some reading done, though!

Short stories bounced quite a bit, mostly due to one collection. The short count stands at 227, with the goal of at least 365 short works for the year. Looks like I'll have no trouble making at least that!

For longer works, the count stands at 121. In May, I read Fire and Rain (Pete Abrams, part of the Sluggy Freelance series of comics); MegaTokyo, Volume 5 (Fred Gallagher), Futures from Nature (Henry Gee, editor), Watch on the Rhine and Yellow Eyes (John Ringo and Tom Kratman) and Mamotte Shugogetten, Volumes 01 and 02 (which are two books each) (Minene Sakurano). As usual, reviews are lagging reading!

June will hopefully slow down on the family side. Early indications are not promising, alas.

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