Sunday, December 06, 2009

Open the Pod Bay Doors, HAL (Apparently Now an Ongoing Series)

Following up on this posting, I've started listening to several more podcasts. Of course, each comes with a copious backlog of shows, so between all the new shows and the backlogs...I've got a lot to listen to!

I've mentioned this before, and now it has been renewed for 2010: 365 Days of Astronomy. One show per day, roughly ten minutes in length, covering different aspects of astronomy ranging from space telescopes to amateurs to the universe to one asteroid and everything in between.

A Life Well Wasted: A relatively new podcast, but one that has very nice production levels. This one reminds me of a NPR show such as Radio Lab or Studio 360. Covering mostly videogames, many amusing stories such as a man who bought 36 pinball machines in one day or another person who taught himself to program by going from a book on videogames in one aisle of K-Mart to a Commodore 64 in another aisle of K-Mart. Very good stuff.

Adventures in SciFi Publishing (AISFP): Hosted by the ever-enthusiastic Shaun Farrell, with assists by Sam Wynns and Tim Akers, the show has been kind of sporadic of late (lots of "Real Life") but has a nice backlog of 87 episodes to listen to. Wide variety in topics and guests (tag team shows with John Ringo and David Weber, extensive coverage of both Clarion and Writers of the Future, authors who have worked with the internet to build an audience and more), good production, and of course...Shaun, Sam and Tim.

The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas: Some of the same folks I've heard at other shows get together and discuss science fiction, for them, "more obscure" science fiction. Topics alternate between television/movies and books, subjects have included Glen Cook, Roger Zelazny, Tron, The Hidden, RoboCop and much more.

Spider Robinson: Spider on the Web is a sporadic podcast (more Real Life issues here), but wide-ranging in subject matter. Spider covers music, reads stories, talks about space and much more.

Voices of Babylon: Growing out of a series of linked voicemails appearing in Babylon Podcast, Voices of Babylon brings us an ongoing series of stories called The Three-Edged Sword. Fan fiction set in the Babylon 5 universe, done as radio. Cool!

Shows I've started listening to, but haven't heard enough to really talk about yet (so far, so good in what I've heard...): The Dragon Page; Escape Pod; PodCastle; PodCulture; Pseudopod; Slice of SciFi; What the Cast?; The Sword and Laser. As I get into these shows, I'll come back and talk about them.

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