Monday, February 01, 2010

Ansible! Ansible!

Issue 271 has arrived. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Roger Dean had a 'powerful reaction' and 'mixed feelings' on seeing Avatar. Those floating island/mountains are so reminiscent of his iconic Yes album art that he's been deluged with congratulations for his assumed contribution. 'The film had the look and feel of my work for sure. Not all of it but a significant percentage of the film looked like my work. It was like they had access to my DNA.' However, 'I have been told by my lawyers not to talk to anyone ...' (Classic Rock, March) [MPJ]

Philip K Dick's family may or may not be suing the Oxford English Dictionary for its wicked claim that the word 'nexus' appeared in English several centuries before Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968), and in Latin a bit earlier than that. But they're making threatening noises at Google for calling its new phone the Nexus One, with the claim that this is a 'trademark violation' and a blatant steal from the book's Nexus 6 androids, while the presence of Google's two-year-old Android operating system Just Proves It. (Independent, 7 January) [MPJ]

"What a fascinating modern age we live in." (J. Aubrey, Captain, RN)

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