Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Voice Crieth Out in the Wilderness

[Sophie said] "Tell me, how do you find [Jack], after all these weeks?'

'More worn than I could wish,' said Stephen, looking at her.

'Yes,' said Sophie, and she paused before going on, 'And there is something on his mind. He is not the same. It is not only the ships and all the business: besides, the invaluable Mr Adams takes a great deal of that off his hands. No. There is a sort of is not that he is in the least unkind—but you might almost say a coldness. No. That would be an absurd exaggeration. But he often sleeps in his study because of the paper-work or because he is out late. And even when he does not he gets up at night and walks about until the morning.'

(Patrick O'Brian, The Commodore)

(Administrative Note: I am still around. I am still alive. However, family matters continue to wear me down.)

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