Monday, February 21, 2011

Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire (On Serial Matters)

Eric Flint; 1632 (Baen Books; 2000; ISBN 0-671-57849-9; cover by Larry Elmore).

Eric Flint (editor): Ring of Fire (Baen Books; 2004; ISBN 0-7134-7175-X; cover by Dru Blair).

Made up of: Preface (Eric Flint); In the Navy (David Weber); To Dye For (Mercedes Lackey); A Lineman for the Country (Dave Freer); Between the Armies (Andrew Dennis); Biting Time (Virginia DeMarce); Power to the People (Loren K. Jones); A Matter of Consultation (S.I. Viehl); Family Faith (Annette M. Pedersen); When the Chips are Down (Jonathan Cresswell and Scott Washburn); American Past Time (Deann Allen and Mike Turner); Skeletons (Greg Donahue); A Witch to Live (Walt Boyes); The Three Rs (Jody Dorsett); Here Comes Santa Claus (K.D. Wentworth); The Wallenstein Gambit (Eric Flint).

Counts as sixteen (16) entries in the 2011 Year in Shorts.

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