Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Ellison Wonderland

Harlan Ellison; The Harlan Ellison Hornbook (E-Reads Ltd. via Webscriptions; ASIN ERBAEN0069; cover by Leo & Diane Dillon).

Following up on this read, I have continued my sampling of Ellison's short works (in electronic format) with this collection of essays. Derived from a essay series (which appeared in a number of publications) running under the same name, these are pretty much in a similar vein to the earlier collection (and even have a few that are repeated from that collection). Perhaps a bit more LA-centric, still a lot of good stuff here. I think I will take a break from Mr. Ellison for a bit, two written collections plus five volumes of a audio collection have burned me out for a while!

Made up of: Author's Note; Foreword: The Cricket beneath The Hammer (Robert Crais); Introduction: The Lost Secrets of East Atlantis; Everything I Know About My Father; Valerie, Part One; Valerie, Part Two; Valerie, Part Three; Getting Stiffed; The Tyranny of The Weak, And Some Foreshadowing; With Bloch And Bormann In Brazil; The First of 3 Culinary Comments; No Offense Intended, But Fuck Xmas!; The Day I Died; Harlan Ellison's Movie, A Complete Screenplay; Fair Weather Friends, Summer Soldiers, and Sunshine Patriots; Troubling Thoughts About Godhood, Part One; Bless That Pesky Wabbit; Troubling Thoughts About Godhood, Part Two; Where Shadow Collides With Reality: A Preamble; When I Was a Hired Gun, Part One; When I Was a Hired Gun, Part Two; A Rare, Kindly Thought; 3 Small Pleasures For a More Endurable Existence [Second Of 3 Culinary Comments]; Varieties of Venue; Why I Fantasize About Using an Ak-47 On Teenagers; In Which The Imp Of Delight Tries To Make The World Smile; I Go To Bed Angry Every Night, And Wake Up Angrier The Next Morning; Ahbhu; Death Row, San Quentin, Part One; Death Row, San Quentin, Part Two; College Days, Part One; The Death-Wish of A Golden Idea; College Days, Part Two; College Days, Part Three; The Last of 3 Culinary Comments, Gonzo-Style; Out of The Mail Bag; Oh, Dear, He's Not Going To Do Xmas Again, Is He?; The Death of My Mother, Serita R. Ellison; Enormous Dumb; Revealed At Last! What Killed The Dinosaurs! And You Don't Look So Terrific Yourself; Appendix A: Comic of The Absurd (1970); Dogging It In The Great American Heartland (1974); Darkness Falls In The City Of The Angels (1988); Lenny Bruce Is Dead (1986); Did Your Mother Throw Yours Out? (1988); The Song The Sixties Sang ( 1 987/1 988); The Dingbat Appendix (1990).

Counts as fifty-six (56) entries in the 2011 Year in Shorts.

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