Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clarke Award

Did somebody get out of the wrong side of the bed today? Christopher Priest is less-than-kind towards those nominated for the Clarke Award. Wow.

Addendum: Reaction by Damien G. Walter. Reaction by John Scalzi (More reaction from John Scalzi). Catherynne Valente comments. Jeff VanderMeer responds. CHARLES STROSS IS AN INTERNET PUPPY. More from THE INTERNET PUPPY. Commentary by Ian sales here (money quote: "...and even people in the US have actually heard of it...") The Guardian posts an article (and commentators mostly concentrate on one author rather than the list or the Priest-ly posting). Commentary from Forbidden Planet (store). Commentary from Cleolinda Jones. Cora Buhlert on the events. Neil Williamson wants to be entertained (as do I!). Nina Allen comments. File 770 comments. James Nicoll comments. Comments by Jim C. Hines (amusing stuff).

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