Tuesday, January 01, 2013


He may be late with his Christmas cards, but the inestimable Mr. David Langford is (hardly) ever late with the latest Ansible!

AS OTHERS SEE THE HOBBIT. A film critique possibly not based on close textual study of the book: 'Cate Blanchett has five solitary lines in The Hobbit, playing some sort of pretty princess, during one scene and has been placed there for matters of fluff and making film premieres actually worth photographing. / There are oak trees in The Hobbit with more input than Cate Blanchett has. Give me one bloody wisecracking woman Hobbit with a sword and a sense of derring-do!' (Grace Dent, Independent, 11 December) [MPJ] The Jackson film trilogy Rose Cotton, Barbarian Swordsperson remains far in the future.

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