Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"S", Serials, Shorts, Science and Seven

A semi-serious rundown of reading plans for 2008.

"S": If the author's name begins with "s". It seems that "s", along with "A" and "C" appear to be my biggest sources of books.

Serials: I love serials. Poul Anderson's Technic Series. H. Beam Piper's TerroHuman Series. Robert A. Heinlein's Future History.

Shorts: I have a lot of anthologies. Themed anthologies. Best of anthologies, either grouped by year, genre type, or whatever. Anthologies of a single author. It's time to really try and get through some of these. Plus, keep up with Analog and maybe work my way through some backlog there.

Science: Or non-fiction in general. I'm going to continue to read non-fiction. If it happens to fall into the category below, or be full of shorter works, or part of a series, so much the better!

Seven: If it was purchased in 2007, if it was published in 2007, if it was published in the 1970's, if there is a seven in the ISBN, if the book contains a page seven...

Now, I usually end up not following reading plans when I make them. But I think that this one is vague enough to be usable!

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