Tuesday, May 01, 2012


He's back! And he's better than ever!

As Others See China. In a bookshop. Customer (pointing at Perdido Street Station by China MiĆ©ville): 'Excuse me, how do you pronounce this writer's name?' Bookseller: 'Well, I've heard people say Mee-ville, but I think because of the accent, it's Me-eh-ville.' Customer: 'No, I mean his first name.' Bookseller: 'Well, it's China – like the country.' Customer: 'The country?' (Jen Campbell, Financial Times, 7 April) [RD]

Publishers & Sinners. Tom Doherty Associates announced on 24 April that by early July, ebooks from all its imprints (Tor, Forge, Orb etc) would be free of annoying DRM protection. Tor UK followed suit next day. This, Baen Books smirked, has been Baen policy for over ten years.

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