Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bread & Wine

Samuel R. Delany; Bread & Wine (Juno Books; 1999; ISBN 1-890451-02-9; cover and artwork by Mia Wolff).

Another in the series of (the wallet cringes) recent acquisitions, this is one of two "graphic novels" I have written by Delany (the other being Empire). Unlike that effort, this is a autobiographical piece. After breaking up with his long-time partner, Frank (detailed at the end of 1984), Delany met Dennis, a homeless Brooklyn Irishman in, still his partner as of the last I heard. The graphic novel details how they met, got together and eventually moved in together.

I'm sure I've read an account of this in an interview or an essay, as much of the story was familiar. What's lacking, alas, are the reasons why the relationship has lasted (other than bitten fingernails). The artwork is good (and graphic; this is not a "funny book for the kids", folks); avoid the introductory essay by Alan Moore.

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