Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gnashing of Teeth

Christopher Tolkien is back again, ahead of the opening of The Hobbit (first of three...ummm...really?). Having beat this dead horse into the ground with the original movies, he kicks it again. Literary defense or bitter tears that his father sold so many rights years ago?


Paul Weimer said...

I think its both.

Fred Kiesche said...

This is how I look at it: If it were not for the movies (or D&D, etc., or just about all fantasy published after 1976 or so), Tolkien would have faded into obscurity long ago. So no deluxe editions of books, no "History of ME", no tiny "Perilous Realms" making the NYT bestseller lists, etc.

The movies have sold books, which have brought his writing to the attention of many people. In my own household, with all the copies of the trilogy and The Hobbit, and the History of ME, and all that--with all those books, my wife and my daughter never picked up a single volume...UNTIL THEY SAW THE MOVIES.