Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Cat Came Back

Patrick Hester; Conversations With My Cat (2012; ASIN B00AEV29Q8; cover artist unknown).

Caveat 01: I work with Patrick, on occasion, on the SF Signal podcast. Caveat 02: I was always amused by the postings he made on his blog about his cat, so I would have bought the book anyway even if I didn't work with him on the podcast!

Patrick owns two cats. it the other way around? Most cat owners would assert that the cat owns you and there is certainly plenty of evidence to that effect in here. Plus humor. G-rated, PG-rated, but humor. If you are looking for a chuckle (or five, hence my Amazon rating), I recommend picking this up.

Now, I'm back to my magnum opus, Conversations With My Dog...

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