Friday, January 01, 2010

2010: The Year in Shorts

While I've made it a habit over the past several years to try and read one short work a day, for a count of at least 365 for the year...I'm giving up that formal approach for the coming year.

The problem was it always turned from being a way to keep track to yet another pressure. I'm falling behind! I haven't read enough! Don't read that non-fiction magazine, it doesn't count! Don't listen to that podcast, you aren't reading!

I mean, for example, I listened to 365 podcasts coming out of The International Year of Astronomy last year. Should I count them? Should I have just read short stories?

So, I will continue to read and log stories here. But the formal race to the goal of 365 (or vastly more) is over. I'll maintain a count, but it don't...ummm...count...

Short work count: 2948 (through December 31, 2010).

Short Works: Independent, Anthologized, Single Author, Multi-Author:

John Joseph Adams: The Living Dead (5 stories, continuing to read). The Living Dead 02 (3 stories, continuing to read).

Dan Abnett (editor): Warhammer 40,000: Sabbat Worlds (3 stories, continuing to read).

Christopher Anvil: Interstellar Patrol (10 stories read, continuing to read).

Sidney Austen: The Frightened Planet (1 story, completed).

Robert Hayward Barlow: REH (1 story, completed).

Christopher Barzak: The Language of Moths (formerly available from Fictionwise) (1 story, completed).

Peter S. Beagle: The Rhinoceros Who Quoted Nietzsche and Other Odd Acquaintances (13 stories, collection completed). Mirror Kingdoms (19 stories read, collection completed).

Albert Berg: Derelict (1 story, completed).

John Berlyne (compiler and editor): Powers: Secret Histories—A Bibliography (20 entries, continuing to read).

Judith Berman: Awakening (1 story, completed).

Zoe Blade: Identity. Less Than Human.

Nelson Bond: Lighter Than You Think (1 story, completed).

J.F. Bone: A Question of Courage (1 story, completed).

Anthony Bourdain: Medium Raw (21 entries, collection completed).

Leigh Brackett: Black Amazon of Mars (1 story). Beyond Mars (5 stories, collection completed) (samples here) (review here). Martian Quest (7 stories, continuing to read) (samples here).

Terry Bramlett: Child Maiden Woman Crone (formerly available from Fictionwise) (1 story, completed).

Lois McMaster Bujold: The Mountains of Mourning (part of the Young Miles omnibus) (1 story, collection completed). Borders of Infinity (3 stories, less the previous entry from another collection, collection completed). (Omnibus review here.)

Howell Calhoun: The Lost Temples of Xantoos (1 story, completed).

Lillian Stewart Carl and John Helfers (editors): The Vorkosigan Companion (22 entries, collection completed).

L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt: Tales from Gavagan's Bar (10 stories read, continuing to read).

Arthur C. Clarke: Greetings, Carbon-Based Bipeds! (Collected Essays, 1934-1998) (45 entries, collection completed).

David Drake: The Complete Hammer's Slammers Volume 01 (20 entries, continuing to read).

Freeman J. Dyson: A Many-Colored Glass (8 entries, collection completed).

Marc Gascoigne & Christian Dunn (editors): Let the Galaxy Burn (12 entries read in previous years, 11 stories in 2010, continuing to read).

Harlan Ellison: The Essential Ellison (32 entries read, continuing to read, reboot from previous year).

Edmond Hamilton: Sargasso of Space (link to story here). Crashing Suns (5 stories, collection completed) (review here).

Barry Malzberg: Breakfast in the Ruins (24 essays, continuing to read).

Michael Moorcock: Eric, Stealer of Souls (9 stories, continuing to read).

Larry Niven: Tales from Known Space (9 stories, continuing to read).

Jerry Pournelle: Exile and Glory (7 stories and 1 novel, stories completed, continuing to read novel).

Tim Powers: The Bible Repairman and Soul in a Bottle (both "chapbooks", so they will also be listed in The Year in Books).

John Scalzi: Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded (84 essays, collection completed).

Lucy Snyder: Installing Linux on a Dead Badger and Other Oddities (12 entries, collection completed).

Bud Sparhawk: Jake's Gift. Mary's Present.

Charles Stross: The Atrocity Archives (4 entries, collection completed). The Jennifer Morgue (3 entries, collection completed).

J.R.R. Tolkien: The Tolkien Reader (6 entries, collection completed).

Vernor Vinge: Fast Times at Fairmont High and The Coming Technological Singularity.

Non-Fiction Periodical Reading:

Sky & Telescope: January 2010 (counts as 4 entries). February 2010 (counts as 4 entries). March 2010 (counts as 4 entries). April 2010 (counts as 4 entries). May 2010 (counts as 4 entries). June 2010 (counts as 4 entries). July 2010 (counts as 4 entries). August 2010 (counts as 4 entries). September 2010 (counts as 4 entries). October 2010 (counts as 4 entries). November 2010 (counts as 4 entries). December 2010 (counts as 4 entries).


Dan Abnett: Horus Rising (exerpt): 1 episode.

Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing: 33 episodes.

The Agony Column: 214 episodes.

All About Miniatures: 8 episodes.

All Things Considered: 1 episodes.

John Anealio and The Sci-Fi Songs Podcast: 11 episodes.

Angry Robot Books: 6 podcasts.

Robert Ashley's A Life Well Wasted: 1 episode.

Astronomy Cast: 1 episode.

Author's on Tour: 2 episodes.

Balticon Podcast: 18 episodes.

The Babylon Podcast: 62 episodes.

Bat Segundo: 45 episodes.

Peter S. Beagle: 7 episodes.

Berkman Center Audio Fishbowl: 1 episode.

The Beyond: 5 episodes.

The Biblio File: 20 episodes.

Binge Thinking History: 7 episodes.

Blue Room Podcast: 6 episodes.

Brew City Gamers: 1 episode.

Lars Brownworth's 12 Byzantine Rulers: 40 episodes.

The Butcher Block: 24 episodes.

Robert Cain and Ancient Rome Refocused: 5 episodes.

Carpe GM: 8 episodes.

Paul Kennedy (CBC Radio Show): 1 episode.

The Command Line: 4 episodes.

The D6 Generation Podcast: 80 episodes.

Dan Carlin's Common Sense: 146 episodes.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: 36 episodes.

Dead Robots' Society: 4 episodes.

Arthur C. Clarke & Others: 2001: SF or Man's Future: 1 episode.

Deepstrike: 3 episodes.

Dice Like Thunder: 13 episodes.

The Dice Tower: 4 episodes.

Dr. Karl: 16 episodes.

DragonPage: 24 episodes.

The Drop Pod Cast: 2 episodes.

Mike Duncan's The History of Rome: 80 episodes.

Len Edgerly and The Reading Edge: 4 episodes.

The Eternal Warriors: 3 episodes.

Eye on the Internet: 1 episode.

Fear the Boot: 13 episodes.

Fell Calls: 72 episodes.

The Forge Pod Cast: 1 episodes.

Fresh Air: 2 episodes.

The Fringeworthy Podcast: 17 episodes.

Stephen Fry/Stephen Fry's Podgrams: 9 episodes.

Functional Nerds: 34 episodes.

The Future and You: 2 episodes.

Neil Gaiman: 1 episode.

Gamer's Haven: 1 episode.

Geek Fu Action Grip: 15 episodes.

The Geek Life: 64 episodes.

The Geek Spin Podcast: 3 episodes.

Geeks Guide to the Galaxy: 22 episodes.

Guts 'n' Gears: 6 episodes.

George Hageman/The Military History Podcast: 19 episodes.

George Hrab's The Geologic Podcast: 1 episode.

The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast: 67 episodes.

IEEE Spectrum Radio: 1 episode.

I Should Be Writing: 18 episodes.

If You Are Just Joining Us: 68 episodes.

Imperial Voxcast: 1 episode.

In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg: 5 episodes.

The Incomparable Podcast: 19 episodes.

I've Been Diced: 1 episode.

The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas: 17 episodes.

The Living Proof Podcast with John Williams & Thomas Gideon: 3 episodes.

Meeples & Miniatures: 1 episode.

Morning Edition: 5 episodes.

Movie Mantras with Marvin Darkly: 70 episodes, counting as 7 entries.

Jim Mowatt's Historyzine: 3 episodes.

The Nerdist Podcast: 40 episodes.

Nowhere in Mulberry: 2 episodes.

NYAS: 2 episodes.

On the Media: 1 episode.

Philip K. Dick Festival: 3 episodes.

Plus Magazine: 2 episodes.

PodCastle: 3 episodes.

PodCulture: 14 episodes.

Podhammer: 11 episodes.

Pods & Blogs/Outriders: 30 episodes.

Point 2 Point: 1 episode.

Popular Mechanics Magazine: 1 episode.

Pray As You Go: 55 episodes.

Pulp Gamer Podcast: 2 episodes.

Radio Lab: 72 episodes.

Random/Sturgeon's Law: 30 episodes.

Scalzicast with John Scalzi: 1 episode.

Set Cast Podcast: 1 episode.

SF Signal Dot Com/The SF Signal Podcast: 21 episodes.

SFFaudio Podcast: 1 episode.

Skillswap on Speed: 1 episode.

Slice of Sci-Fi: 4 episodes.

Spider Robinson: 8 episodes.

The S-Words Podcast: 1 episode.

The SciFiDimensions Podcast: 3 episodes.

The Sci-Fi Guys: 1 episode.

The SF Review Podcast: 69 episodes.

Sidebar Nation: 3 episodes.

Matthew Sanborn Smith/Beware the Hairy Mango: 1 episode.

Spacewesterns Podcast: 3 episodes.

The State of Things Podcast: 1 episode.

Neal Stephenson's: Quicksilver (excerpt): 1 episode.

Studio 360: 6 episodes.

Sword and Laser: 5 episodes.

Table Gamer Weekly: 2 episodes.

Talk of the Nation: 1 episode.

THACO: 6 episodes.

This Week in Wargaming: 19 episodes.

The Time Traveler Show: 1 episode.

Tolkien Professor Podcast: 6 episodes.

Tor Dot Com Episodes: 6 episodes.

Mitch Wagner/The Copper Robot: 1 episode.

Jo Walton: 1 episode.

The Webcomic Beacon Podcast: 3 episodes.

Weekend Edition Saturday: 2 episodes.

Weekend Edition Sunday: 1 episode.

What the Cast: 11 episodes.

Wil Wheaton's Radio Free Burrito: 33 episodes.

World's End Radio: 7 episodes.

Writing Excuses: 57 episodes.

YSDC/Yog-Sothoth Radio Podcast: 3 episodes.

Z/Radio Free Hipster: 9 episodes.

The 365 Days of Astronomy: 365 episodes.

3 Chip Media LLC/What the Cast?: 72 episodes.

40K Radio: 21 episodes.

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