Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Mirror Kingdoms

Peter S. Beagle: Mirror Kingdoms--The Best of Peter S. Beagle (edited by Jonathan Strahan) (Subterranean Press; 2010; ISBN 978-1-59606-291-7; cover art by William Kaluta).

As previously discussed, this was the year I discovered that I really ought to read those Peter S. Beagle collections on my shelves. His novels are great; his short stories are shining gems of wonder. The wallet cringes, but I will now seek out more short works (as well as fill in the gaps in the longer works).

Made up of: Introduction; Professor Gottesman and the Indian Rhinoceros; The Last and Lonely; Come Lady Death; El Regalo; Julie's Unicorn; The Last Song of Sirit Byar; Lila the Werewolf; What Tune the Enchantress Plays; Uncle Chaim and Aunt Rifke and the Angel; Salt Wine; Two Hearts; Giant Bones; King Pelles the Sure; Vanishing; The Tale of Junko and Sayuri; The Rock in the Park; We Never Talk About My Brother; The Rabbi's Hobby.

Counts as 19 entries in the 2010 Year in Shorts.

FTC Disclaimer: Bought. By. Me.

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