Sunday, May 23, 2010

On Listening to Too Much Dan Carlin (02)

Another fault line in history happened when the Political Correctness movement reached its penultimate reach, and, coupled with the resurgent indigenous people's of North America, forced the U.S. Military to retag its equipment. The PeeCee's, as they were known, had long worked in society to expunge "all that was wrong". They noticed the scattered efforts by the indigenous people's to "take back" various names and clean up various images, the "anti-chop movement" of the late 1990's being one example of this. After all the sports teams were expunged of their "Native American" names, with the help of the PeeCee's, the indigenous people's movement went further. First, they aligned with fragments of indigenous people all around the world and forced more changes into the culture. You therefore had, for example, high schools and middle schools being pursued to change their team names, even names like "the Spartans" because they sullied the image of the Spartans (after all, a football team in the middle school did not much resemble the warriors of old!). Feeling their power, nay, reeling with power, the PeeCee's went after the military and names such as "Blackhawk", "Apache" and all other such weapons systems were forced to be retagged with kinder, gentler names. The PeeCee's then went after history books and the Jane's series and retroactively tagged every mention with the new name.

One wonders what they would have made of the Crusader system if it had been fielded.

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