Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Back to the Bar

L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt: Tales from Gavagan's Bar (Expanded Edition) (Owlswick Press; 1978; ISBN 0-913896-12-8; cover art and frontspiece by Tim Kirk; interior art by Inga Pratt).

Made up of: Preface; Elephas Frumenti; The Ancestral Amethyst; Here, Putzi!; More Than Skin Deep; Beasts of Bourbon; The Gift of God; The Better Mousetrap; No Forwarding Address; The Untimely Toper; The Eve of St. John; The Love Nest; The Stone of the Sages; Corpus Delectable; The Palimpsest of St. Augustine; Where to, Please?; Methought I Heard a Voice; One Man's Meat; My Brother's Keeper; A Dime Brings You Success; Oh, Say! Can You See; THe Rape of the Lock; Bell, Book and Candle; All That Glitters; Gin Comes in Bottles; There'd Be Thousands In It; The Black Ball; The Green Thumb; Caveat Emptor; The Weissenbroch Spectacles; By and About.

Counts as ten (10) entries in the 2010 Year in Shorts.

FTC Disclaimer: Purchased, second-hand, by me. Why? Because no publisher seems to see fit to keep such quality literature in print.

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