Monday, July 19, 2010


I was informed that when my wife and The Young Lady got home after the tire mishap (still haven't made it to the doctor!), the birds were found in the house, outside the cage. They have figured out how to open the doors, untwisting twisties and untying string. Next up, fire, hunting/gathering and tool use!


Steven Hart said...

What kind of birds? Parakeets?

Fred Kiesche said...

Yep, two parakeets, we've had the one about two years the second was one my sister had but gave to us around the time my father died.

Since the second one came, they have both become increasingly inquisitive. We had one breakout by the new one a few months ago, now this second attempt.

Big door is latched, two smaller doors that have no feeders/water dishes are not secured with a lock. The other two doors (with water dishes) are unlocked for now, have to get more locks.