Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shaking Off the Dust

Yep, back from the dead. Again. There will be some dusting, some sanding and the like. Lots of family stuff, as usual, plus a co-worker who has been out on disability. So you have a person with 0.5 hours taking up many of the tasks of a 1.0 hours person (fulltime, in other words), while maintaining his 0.5 status. Let's see...1.5 person tasks in 0.5 person equals???

I'll try to catch up, even if just a bit at a time. Much will be reposting of stuff from Ye Olde Days, when this blog was incorporated under one guise or the other, or even where I posted on other sites. In other cases, I need to go through and find new links for old stuff (David Drake, for example, recently upgraded his site due to the efforts of his webmistress, so I need to relink stuff).

Stay tuned. Still around, even in a half-baked sense.

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