Saturday, April 07, 2012

Listening Habits

I'm preparing to switch from my current computer to a new computer (the current computer will still be used, but as it is getting creaky...I think we bought it in 2004 or 2005...time to get a new primary!). As a result, I'm copying, backing up, deleting, checking various things.

In looking at my iTunes list of tracks, I noticed how much time I've spent listening to podcasts. Unfortunately I only have back to 2010, as I switched to a new external hard drive then and lost the previous years record in the swap. But from 2010 to now, my podcast listening time is as follows:

2010: 158 days (24 hours per day = 3792 hours of podcasts).

2011: 63 days

2012: 15 days

2009 would have been on part with 2010. During 2009, I was traveling to Pennsylvania a lot, to visit my parents. I also drove to work, drove on various errands. My father died in 2010, so travel tapered down a bit, but picked up in the second half of the year as I drove my father-in-law to his chemotherapy appointments. My father-in-law died in 2011, so driving tapered off again.

Video killed the radio star? Not in my case, podcasts killed the radio. Period.

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