Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hope your day is going better than mine so far...

Lost the upper/right bridge when I flossed last night. This was one of the teeth I lost on 09/11/01. I think maybe the endodontic guy was tapping that one thinking it was still a real tooth when he was checking the tooth that has been bothering me. It should be fixable (with dental quality "glue"), but my dentist is closed on Wednesday.

Took the dog for a walk, came home to find The Young Lady and the two kids that ride the bus at her stop still waiting there. High school kids got picked up, still no bus for the middle school kids. So ran into the house, grabbed my wallet, car keys, and briefcase and rushed out to drive them to school.

The bus came as I was loading them up, but instead of going back in and freaking the dog out, I decided to leave.

Halfway to work and I realized a few things...the sink is full of dirty dishes, the garbage was not put out to the street to be picked up, I did not start the load of wash I was going to do, I had no breakfast, I have no lunch…

...and I’m wearing the wet socks and shoes that I wear when I talk the dog for a walk.


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Paul Weimer said...

Aww crap Fred, not the greatest way to start your day.

Not Friday yet. But getting there.