Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reading Project

I've mentioned this before, but now it has grown: a few months back, a bunch of fantasy folk (those that write, those that publish or edit) got together for a little game.

I've decided to make my reading project this year (and probably next) to read at least one book by each of the folks who participated (or were scheduled to participate. I actually have several books by most of these folks (from memory, I might have books by everyone...so many books, so little time, so many ex-lover's to bury).

Participants were (and the books I own by them are):

Joe Abercrombie: The Blade Itself (being read); Before They Are Hanged; Last Argument of Kings; The Heroes; Best Served Cold.

Saladin Ahmed: Throne of the Crescent Moon, some short works.

Elizabeth Bear: Range of Ghosts (plus a few others I bought earlier not at Amazon).

Peter V. Brett: The Warded Man; The Desert Spear; Brayan's Gold; The Great Bazaar and Other Stories

Myke Cole: Shadow Ops: Control Point (being read).

Jim Hines: Libriomancer (not yet published). Goblin Series: Goblin Tales, Goblin Quest, Goblin Hero, Goblin War. Princess Tales: The Stepsister Scheme, The Snow Queen's Shadow, The Mermaid's Madness, Red Hood's Revenge.

Jay Lake: Trial of Flowers and Madness of Flowers look the most appropriate for this project, along with Green and Endurance (not yet purchased). Possibly Mainspring, Escapment and Pinion, the three volumes of the "spacepunk" trilogy might work for this project. I also own number of books not through Amazon (paper and electronic), anthologies and novels.

Scott Lynch: The Gentleman Bastard Sequence: The Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Seas Under Red Skies.

Pat Rothfuss: The Name of the Wind.

Brent Weeks: Beyond the Shadows, Shadow's Edge, The Black Prism, Perfect Shadow, The Way of Shadows.

Let's see what I can come up with!

Addendum: One wonders if something like this happened during that game session.


Bryce said...

I mourn the fact that you haven't read Scott Lynch. Of all the writers listed here, he's my favorite (so far). Here's hoping you enjoy something from him soon. For quick(ish) stories, you could try reading his short stories in Tales of the Far West or Swords and Dark Magic.

Fred Kiesche said...

I'll get there, no worries. You have to realize that (a) I read more non fiction or SF than fantasy (been burned too many times in the past!); (b) I have way too many books; (c) publishers keep coming out with more that I am compelled to buy.

S&DM is also on Mount Toberead, along with a couple of other anthologies. Between my 2012: The Year in Shorts (see that entry) and this, I'll expand my list of new authors dramatically.

Paul Weimer said...

I will be curious what you think of the Cole for obvious reasons.

Fred Kiesche said...

I haven't read it all for reasons that are not at all related to the book. But I've enjoyed it so far, he "gets" military fiction, the magic system is interesting.

I haven't gotten to the point where I get the backstory, e.g., when/how did magic enter "our" world (how long ago, for example).

And I've read enough to be looking forward to the next book.