Friday, January 16, 2009

Death Gets Laid Off

Reaper Man; Terry Pratchett (HarperTorch; August 2002; ISBN 978-0-06-102062-9; cover artist unknown).

My tour through Discworld continues with this volume in the Death sub-sequence (see the map for the territory...). Death gets "laid off" by the elemental beings that run things above his level. As a result, there's a build-up of unexpended lifeforce in the area around Ankh-Morpork and some strange things happen (well, stranger than usual). Death takes up a new profession as a farm hand. A dead wizard hooks up with various undead and semi-living. And, of course, the Librarian gets involved.

Probably less readable by non-Discworld fans than some of the recent reads in the series, but this volume shows Pratchett's skill at weaving fantasy elements with some pretty interesting philosophical questions. Can't get a DVD copy of The Seventh Seal or Death Takes a Holiday? Believe it or not, this "light and fluffy" fantasy genre book might do it for you.

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Nyrath said...

Another one in the DEATH sequence that has some deep philosophical questions is Hogsfather.