Monday, January 19, 2009


So yesterday morning, I log onto my Yahoo account, read a few e-mails and then get a dire warning (yellow bar with red letters) that my account has been suspended "for my protection" because of "suspicious activity". This state of suspension will remain in effect for up to 48 hours. They claim I won't be able to send, receive or save e-mail during this period (but for some reason, some mail folders continue to get mail, others show over a million messages without anything actually visible and some folders have had all their legitimate e-mail vanish). No word if it'll be longer because yesterday was Sunday and today is a holiday in the United States and who knows where Yahoo's crack(ed) support team is located (if they still exist).

Yahoo has been getting more and more flaky. Several times a week, when navigating from one message to another in a long string of unread messages I'll get a error message that the next e-mail is unviewable or gone or unreadable. Would I please hit refresh, log out and log in again or reboot my computer. Yet, when I just check that mail folder, low and behold, there's that missing or errant message. Complaining to that crack(ed) support team results in a e-mail saying that they can't replicate the error. Of course. It must be my fault.

Earlier last week all my bookmarks vanished. Completely. Several hundred carefully collected sites went poof! I hit refresh, logged off and on, rebooted the computer and they were still poof. A bit of searching through Yahoo led to nothing. I filed an error message with what vaguely appeared to be the right place.

And then my account is suspended for "suspicious activity" More than a coincidence? Hmmmmm....

But seriously folks, Yahoo used to be a great place for storing e-mail and bookmarks. But when they tried to "enhance shareholder value" and "monetize the relationship" things got bad, when they tried to "enhance productivity", things got worse. How long are they for the world?

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