Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fun Things With Clay

Feet of Clay; Terry Pratchett (Harper Torch; 2000; ISBN 978-0-06-105764-9; cover artist unknown).

The newly-expanded City Watch is on the march against crime! Hard upon the events of Men at Arms and Guards! Guards! comes a greatly expanded Watch that includes just about everybody but the Golems and the Undead (by the end, it'll include one of that pair and a temporary appointment from the Gnomes).

Sam Vines should be happy. He's married, he has a fine new command. But he's being buried in paperwork and duties. He's not out prowling the streets, like a good cop should. So when not one, but two, mysterious murders (most sudden deaths in Ankh-Morpork are less murder than, um, assisted suicide) and the Patrician is taken ill in a mysterious fashion...he's on the case! One that is both gripping in suspense and rolling in laughter (who knew that coats of arms could be so much fun?).

Onwards! I'm now well into the Watch Novels. Next up will be Reaper Man, part of the Death Sequence and then Making Money, the latest in the Industrial Revolution Sequence (I had skipped to the end with Going Postal and want to find out more of the adventures of Moist von Lipwig).

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