Monday, January 19, 2009

The Far Side

The Far Side of the Stars; David Drake (Baen Books; 2003; ISBN 0-7434-7158-X; cover by Stephen Hickman).

Lt. Daniel Leary and his friend Adele are at it again. Peace has broken out all over, Daniel's beloved uncle has passed away and Daniel is in charge of his shipyard. His beloved vessel, the Princess Cecile, is about to be sold out of the service.

In steps Adele's secret service connections and they are off, officially to shepherd a pair of rich nobles on a combination hunting, anthropological and treasure expedition. Unofficially, the Alliance of Free Stars is rumored to be building bases where they should not be building bases.

On the way we learn the fate of mutineers and members of the Three Circles Conspiracy, what happened to the Earth and more. Fun stuff all around!

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