Friday, August 14, 2009


So the WorldCon has come and go. Congrats to the winners, especially the Professors Foglio for Girl Genius.

Some noise has been made over the number of votes for the Hugo. It seems there was a 100% increase in voting numbers! Celebrate, eh?

Maybe not. Unless the person I was talking to was mistaken, the number of votes was 1,000. Yes, one thousand. Can that be correct? Only one thousand people voted? Which means the previous year was...500 votes.

How many people watch a bad SF show at "SyyyyyFyyyyy"? How many people buy a new manga? How many people buy a new release from Neil Gaiman? How many people subscribe to Baen's Webscriptions each month?

How many people attend ComiCon?

Clearly "SMOF" is not in touch with most of the genre universe...

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Crotchety Old Fan said...

folks can help fix this by joining Rock The Hugo Vote In 2010!

more info coming!