Friday, August 14, 2009

The Return of Captain Future

Mr. Postman was very nice to me today. He brought me three new books from Haffner Press. Haffner has made a name for itself by publishing beautiful editions of the works of Leigh Brackett, Jack Williamson and Ed Hamilton. These three continue the reprinting of Ed Hamilton, after a pretty long gap.

Two of the books are collections of Hamilton's stories, The Metal Giants and Others and The Star-Stealers (The Complete Tales of The Interstellar Patrol). The third book is the first volume of reprints of Hamilton's best-known series, Captain Future.

I'm really looking forward to reading these. They are beautiful looking books and the Big Poobah at Haffner Press is to be commended for turning these out.

Addendum: And so the reading begins!


Steve Everett said...

I've enjoyed Hamilton for years. Although the Captain Future stories weren't his best works they were fun to read.

Steve Everett

Anonymous said...


Curt Newton Rules!

Futuremen -- Unite!