Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fred's Reading Report (July 2009)

A busy month!

204 books, year-to-date! Holy smokes! My eyeballs are going to fall out...

Part of the volume was the start of a reading project to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our first steps on the Moon.

Highlights of the month included several volumes of Patrick O'Brian, as well as David Drake's latest Leary of the RCN series (itself a homage to O'Brian, and a volume in which a certain Commander Kiesche appears!). A new author (to me) was John D. McDonald and his Travis McGee series. I finished several more volumes of Naruto, at least as far as the library or personal purchases had taken me!

On the short work side of things, 316 logged entries (there are probably, as usual, anywhere from several to a dozen not yet counted). Goal is 365 for the year and I'm comfortable that I'll make it.

See you next month!

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Jvstin Tomorrow said...


I thought I was doing okay so far in the mid 30's...