Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another 15 Picoseconds of Fame

So yesterday one of my "tweets" was "retweeted" by William Gibson and Lev Grossman. Then another one of my "tweets" was "retweeted" by the same two folks.

I posted a comment about how I felt (due to seeing something near my car) like I was living in a Tim Powers novel. Tim Powers responded.

Last night I posted that The Young Lady was going to read Stardust by Neil Gaiman. And a few minutes later...Neil Gaiman responded.

Today Neil Gaiman "retweeted" a tweet of mine.

We're living in the future.


Paul Weimer said...

I've never been so lucky :)

Fred Kiesche said...

Well, I count it more coincidence than any sort of skill or charm.

When Neil Gaiman, Tim Powers, William Gibson and Lev Grossman (and others) start "following" me on Twitter, then I will count myself lucky and blessed!

Twitter (and other social media) are sort of like being in a SF convention 24/7. More access to the folk you read.