Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So what is the most successful rebooted franchise? Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek or Dr. Who?

My thoughts in a bit, but I'm curious what you, dear reader, think.

Addendum: My thought was for Dr. Who as well. BSG: SyFy has fumbled the follow-ups, and other than the FFG games, there is almost no merchandise out there. Star Trek: Paramount has fumbled the follow-on movie to date; games have only launched this year (mostly), but books are strong (but books for ST have always been strong). Dr. Who has managed to keep the series going, has had good spinoff series, and multiple side products (books, soundtracks, concerts, more). The only area that Dr. Who seems to be falling down in is games (the one RPG I'm aware of never seems to have taken off).

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Paul Weimer said...

BSG: A sequel which surpassed the original in many ways
Star Trek: One of the most successful SF franchises, born out of a small seed. Even if there is no ST on TV or movies today, I have every belief it will return.

Doctor Who: I think this is the most successful. The original was the longest lasting genre show on TV. The sequel has been enormously successful.
Even when this iteration peters out, there will be more Doctor Who someday. I guarantee it.