Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yesterday while driving to work, I noticed flashes of light across the top part of my field of view in my right eye. When I got to work, I passed near a tiled wall, glanced over and saw a larger "floater" in my right eye.

A bit of research suggested that floater + flashes was not (alas) a gamma-ray event, but could be a ripped or torn retina. An appointment and examination later, I do not have a ripped or torn retina (but I have to watch for further events that might show that it happens down the road), but just a honking big floater.

One that hovers around the right/center of my right eye and resembles a big drop of ink and a hairball.

A bit of stress is resulting in the eye compensating for this. Reading is difficult now. Of course, since most of my job is reading and most of my "fun" is reading...hope this lasts less than the month the doctor predicted!

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