Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Raymond Swanland and Glen Cook

The website of a fantasy artist I have grown to really like. I first noticed his work on several novels by Glen Cook, both reprints (from Nightshade Books and Tor Books) and new works (from Tor). I'm not sure where the decision was made—by Cook, by his agent, by the respective publishers—but I like how it gives the two separate lines a unified look.

From Tor Books; The Instrumentalities of the Night. The Tyranny of Night; Lord of the Silent Kingdom; Surrender to the Will of the Night.

From Tor Books, The Black Company. Chronicles of the Black Company; The Books of the South; The Return of the Black Company; The Many Deaths of the Black Company.

From Nightshade Books, The Dread Empire: A Cruel Wind; A Fortress in Shadow; An Empire Unacquainted with Defeat.

Nightshade recently announce more installments in The Dread Empire and it is nice to see they are continuing with the same artist!

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