Monday, September 29, 2008

Contra-Terrene Matter

A look at the first appearance of antimatter in a science fiction story (Jack Williamson, writing as "Will Stewart") along with a glimpse at the original manuscript.

(Addendum: The first contra-terrene story did not make the cover, but I found a later one that did. The cover image is above.)


Anonymous said...


Edmond Hamilton's THE HAUNTED STARS (1961) is now available as part of a Hamilton WebScription Ebook bundle. I've recommended this book to you before on 'The Eternal Golden Braid'.


Frederick Paul Kiesche III said...

Thanks, I've bought all the Hamilton bundles from Baen (and the Brackett bundles...and the Chandler bundles and the...well, you get the idea!).

I'm hoping they bring us some Campbell, Smith, Williamson and other "Golden Age" bundles!

Anonymous said...

I took up your recommendation (several years ago) to read 'The Planet Strappers'. It is, indeed, a great read.

In the Afterword to THE BEST OF RAYMOND Z. GALLUN (1978), Mr Gallun wrote "...Except for one faltering -in 1958 when I spent three months in the island of Ibiza, off Spain, and wrote a novel, THE PLANET STRAPPERS, which Pyramid published in 1961- I stayed away from science fiction for years."

nyrath said...

I read Williamson's antimatter stories in two collections: Seetee Ship and Seetee Shock. They still hold up pretty well.