Monday, September 22, 2008

What's Wrong with Greg Egan?

Or, more properly, what's wrong with US publishers?

Here's a guy who has written a pile of novels and short stories. Heck, he's won an award or three (Hugo, Locus and John W. Campbell Memorial, to be specific). His stories and novels are interesting...thought-provoking...they stretch your mind.

So why is it that his short story collection is only published in the US by a relatively small publisher? Why is it that his latest novel, Incandescence, is the only one of his works widely available in the US (his UK publisher published his whole backlist)?

Even that new guy, John Scalzi, seems impressed with his stuff.

So why is it, US publishers, that we don't have access to his backlist? Because he writes "hard" SF? Because he is from Down Under? Because he uses hard words?


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