Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Even Newer Destinies

After Far Frontiers, came New Destinies, as Jim Baen continued to work on the "bookzine" format. Similar in frequency, New Destinies concentrated more on fiction and had fewer but longer entries per issue than Far Frontiers.

Jim Baen (editor): New Destinies 01 (Baen Books; March 1987; ISBN 0-671-65628-7; cover by Craig Farley).

Made up of: Point Man (Timothy Zahn); Magic Matter (Robert L. Forward); Iron (Poul Anderson); Not for Country, Not for King (Joel Rosenberg); In Praise of Sociobiology (John and Mary Gribbin); Lifeguard (Doug Beason); The Space Beat: How to Stop a Space Program (G. Harry Stine); The Graphic of Dorian Gray (Fred Saberhagen); Rank Injustice (Keith Laumer).

Part of the 2009 Year in Shorts.

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