Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Living on the New Frontier

When Jim Baen came to Galaxy magazine as editor, one thing he did was to keep Jerry Pournelle on as science writer. The relationship went as long as Baen edited Galaxy; he eventually left to become editor at Ace. While at Ace, he started a "bookzine" called Destinies, and Pournelle came along to write science articles. When Baen left Ace to work with the folks at Tor, Destinies withered, when he founded his own publishing house he created, with Pournelle, Far Frontiers, a new "bookzine". Eventually Far Frontiers evolved into New Destinies (but that's another entry in the blog).

Jerry Pournelle and Jim Baen (editors): Far Frontiers #01 (Baen Books; January 1985; ISBN 0-671-55935-4; cover by Michael Carroll).

Made up of: Editors Introduction to A Step Further Out (Jerry Pournelle); A Step Further Out: "The Association for the Abolition of Science" (Jerry Pournelle); Editor's Introduction to The Warm Space (Jerry Pournelle); The Warm Space (David Brin); Editor's Introduction to The Jefferson Orbit (Jerry Pournelle); The Jefferson Orbit (Ben Bova); Editor's Afterword to The Jefferson Orbit (Jerry Pournelle); Editor's Introduction to The Boy from the Moon (Jerry Pournelle); The Boy from the Moon (Rivka Jacobs); Editor's Introduction to Brain Salad (Jerry Pournelle); Brain Salad (Norman Spinrad); Editor's Introduction to Goodbye Dr. Ralston (Jerry Pournelle); Goodbye Dr. Ralston (Damon Knight); Editor's Introduction to Future Scenarios for Space Development (Jerry Pournelle); Future Scenarios for Space Development (G. Harry Stine); Editor's Introduction to Lost in Translation (Jerry Pournelle); Lost in Translation (Dean Ing); Editor's Introduction to Through Road No Whither (Jerry Pournelle); Through Road No Whither (Greg Bear); Editor's Introduction to Interstellar Transport Paradox (Jerry Pournelle); The Paradox of Interstellar Transport (Robert L. Forward); Introduction to Pride (Jerry Pournelle); Pride (Poul Anderson); Introduction to Table Manners (Jerry Pournelle); Table Manners (Larry Niven); The Leading Edge Book Reviews (Richard E. Geis).

Counts as three entries in the 2009 Year in Shorts.

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